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coverage of the school shooting in atlanta. trace has breaking developments. >> price middle school is in an area called lakewood in south atlanta. the school has 570 students. talking about sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. there's nobody walking on the outside of the school. that's a live look from waga. the school still is on lockdown right now. students are not being allowed outside and parents are not being allowed insidement there are reports that a vice principal has talked to parents but that's as far as the communication goes. we know now that two people have been shot, including a 14-year-old. we do not know if it's a 14-year-old boy or girl. but the atlanta fire department reporting that student was shot in the head. not sure how that comports to this report saying that the two victims who were shot were both alert and talking as they were taken from the school. there were also reports that a teacher was injured but was not shot and it's unclear as to who the second victim might be. now, police have confirmed they have one person in custody. in fact it was videotaped ea
of atlanta, georgia. this is a live picture of a middle school in atlanta, where we understand a student has been shot. the school is price middle school. the student has been taken to the hospital. at this point, there's no word on his or her condition. not sure but it looks like some of those black vehicles down there in the roundabout may be some police vehicles or official vehicles. but at this point we don't see any other activity. there have been reports of police activity as this school. sources tell our sister station in atlanta that police have a person in custody. we're also told that one teacher was injured but not shot. again, this, breaking news, just coming in from atlanta, georgia. one person shot at a middle school. a teacher also injured. if we get more information on this story, we'll bring it to you. >>> a 49er player is speaking out after his controversial comments about gays and football. joe fonzi joins us with more on the comments by chris culliver? >> reporter: we talked about how the super bowl is about fun and games in theory. but it never fails that a serious news
have former player and wade davis, former player. atlanta here in new york respectively. welcome to both of you. wade davis, let me begin with you. this is personal. you played for the titans and -- >> i played cornerback. >> same position. when you heart his remarks, did it surprise you, his tone? >> for did sort of surprise me. i was deeply saddened. i thought we moved a little further ahead in the conversation. i thought that guys would think a little bit before they spoke. i think the fact that he was talking to a comedian, he was trying to be a little funny. it came out horrific and inflammatoryy and i believe he understands the harm his words caused. >> wade davis, this is personal for you because you came out officially in a publication in june of last year. you finished playing back in 2004. why didn't you come out while you were playing? >> i didn't come out because i grew up with the ideology that i could never be a gay athlete from the time i was 7 years old plag playing a game of football. i thought my sexuality and the game of football didn't mix. i'm trying now to t
to do it better next time. >>> gunfire outside a mid school in atlanta, one student shooting -- a middle school in atlanta. one student shot another one. the 14-year-old victim was shot in the back of the neck but conscious when taken to the hospital. the alleged shooter was taken into custody. >>> fairfax county police are investigating two gropings that took place yesterday within 20 minutes of each other in springfield, the first on dunwoody street near dana avenue, then a few blocks away on backlick road near the intersection of cabin john. these could be the 16th and 17th assaults in a series of gropings in the springfield area. again, that is a situation there in atlanta and the situation on the gropings in fairfax county. >>> we'll transition now and let you hear a little something about how beyonce responded to the critics who questioned whether she lip synced the performance on inauguration. >> she took a lot of heat for that. >> she sure did and this is how she responded. are we going to the so -- to the sound? i think we're going to it now. ♪ oh, say can you see by the daw
. >>y nuevo tiroteo provoca emergencia en escuela de atlanta georgia, un estudiante herido, un sospechoso en custodia, comenzamos. >>muy buenas noches, comenzamos ,fuerte explosion en edificio pemex en méxico, es el segundo edifciio más alto del país, tiene 51 pisos y estan las oficinas administrativas de la segunda compañia más grande de petroleo en el mundo. >>así es, faltando 15 minutos para las cuatro de la tarde, se registro una explosion en el edificio llambado b2. >>preliminiarmente se ha indicado que podría ser una acumulacion de gases lo que provocó la explosion, los daños son iguales a los provocados en edificio de oklahoma, veinte heridos, 30 atrapados y se habla de dos decesos. se han evacuado los edificios aledaños y se ha acordonado la zona. algunos heridos han sido transportados en helicópteros a hospitales cercanos, las personas atrapadas pordrían también estar en el sotano, luego de este colapso, que podría ser producto de acumulacion de gas, de un equipo que se sobrecalento, y no solo daño el primer piso, también otros pisos. se habla de que en
to pennsylvania. among the hardest-hit spots, georgia, about 60 miles north of atlanta. a news crew for wsb witnessed a dramatic tornado touchdown. >> we could see circulation in the clouds right here. it looks like a tornado right near downtown cartersville at this moment. going towards i-75. again, a tornado. >> some more on what that twister left behind in a moment. so one person died as did a man in tennessee who we now know is 47-year-old vernon hartsell. he was killed when a tree fell on to a shed that he was inside. miguel marquez has more on the devastation and the cleanup. what can you tell us? >> good morning. we're not very far from where that man died. apparently a tree fell on a mobile home he was in. that's where he was killed. this is a storm that packed a 1,000 mile punch. >> we can see circulation in the clouds. >> reporter: a reporter from atlanta affiliate wsb caught one twister as it touched down. >> towards i-75. >> reporter: in its path, utter destruction. this is main street in adairsville, tornado tornado. you can see devastation on that side of the street. the truck
ronda de tornados al sureste del país y bueno, desde el oeste de atlanta, ustedes en alabama tenemos condiciones peligrosas y se pudieran haber estado desarrollando tornados y ustedes en la gran manzana, a pesar de que hoy disfrutan de temperaturas agradables, al oeste de los grandes lagos, tenemos bandas de fuertes nevadas, se esperan fuertes nevadas en detroit, y en texas avisos de fuegos de malezas debido a los fuertes vientos y parte del frío, todo luce bien, a diferencia de chicago, en atlanta retraso del aeropuerto y mañana jueves este mal tiempo en el noreste dándole tregua al todo el sureste con condiciones mucho más secas y mientras nosotros aquí en toda la costa oeste, condiciones plancenteras en horas del día, así que norte de país con 20° y chicago con 37 y en la gran manzana con 57°, esta noche la mínima, temperatura de 9 grados, en houston con 38 y san francisco con 42°, es todo de mi parte, recuerde que me pueden seguir en twitter, continuamos con más. >> gracias y bueno del tiempo, vamos con los deportes, sigue el conteo regresivo para el "superbowl
atlanta. might be small but he toshowed e judges he can belt it out like the best. listen to "a change is going to come." ♪ >> you hit me in the heart. >> i love you guys. this is crazy. >> you brought me to tears, which i am holding back, honestly. >> you brought me to tears that haven't fallen yet. >> he made it to the next round in hollywood. that's the best part the beginning when they are selecting everyone. >> talk about the politics now. it will be a heated day on capitol hill today. less than five hours away from the start of chuck howing el's confirmation hearing. doug luzader is live with a preview. a lot of ground to cover, doug. where do they start? >> that's a good question. it will be a long day. chuck hagel is a vietnam war veteran who has seen his share of action. his toughest political battle will be today. he will be itching for a fight when he nominated former republican senator. mitch mcconnell was at best noncommittal about how it would go forward. >> we have had a chance to discuss his positions privately. we are looking forward to looking at it publicly. see ho
the town of adairsville, georgia, about 60 miles north of atlanta. one man was killed when a tree crashed through his mobile home. the storm tossed trucks around the interstate like match sticks. >> i cracked the door and it didn't even going me time. it had me flinging on that door. when it came inside it tossed me straight into the bedroom where the little bathroom is and i stayed in there for a little while. it seemed like it would never be over. >> the system spawned least seven tornadoes through the southeast yesterday. damage was reported from georgia to virginia. another man was killed in tennessee. meteorologist david bernard of our miami station wfor is following the severe weather system. >> it's been a rough 48 hours for the eastern two-thirds of the country. in fact, we can take a look at the map that shows ought of the storm reports since tuesday. those blue areas, over 500 reports of wind damage across the midwest and southeastern united states, and within those, we have a couple dozen reports of tornadoes where we had a damaging tornado part
of ray lewis almost ended 13 years ago, outside the cobalt lounge nightclub in atlanta. just hours after the 2000 super bowl. a fight breaks out, and when the dust settles, jason baker and richard lawler are stabbed to death and left in the street. ray lewis and two friends are charged with murder. what unfolded next is a mesmerizing saga, and the truth is as elusive as ever as you're about to see. >> i have not been back to this area since that incident happened. >> reporter: this is the first time that reggie oakly talked about it since that night. oakley has written a book which he is eager to sell. >> from my point of view, it was self-defense. >> reporter: oakley says they were leaving the club when the group started to fight. there was a champagne bottle broken over oakley's head. then there was mayhem. >> i had no idea anybody got stabbed. >> so you didn't stab him? >> no i didn't stab him. >> so how did he end up with the stab wounds if you're the one fighting him? >> you have to read the book to find out. >> reporter: after the fight, lewis and his entourage piled in his limo an
are following reports about a shooting at a school in atlanta. keith russell has the latest from the news4 live desk. keith? >> pat, the reports first started coming in around 2:30 this afternoon. let's show you video just in. firefighters have confirmed a 14-year-old was shot in the head at a middle school in atlanta's south side. the school says the student was alert and breathing when taken to the hospital. a teacher was also hurt, but from what we know, she was not shot. the school said it's possible the teacher was trampled in the confusion after the shooting. we're told the shooting happened outside the school building. there's a heavy police presence right now. the suspected gunman is a student. police say the other students at the school are safe and they were dismissed on too many just a few minutes ago. we'll keep you posted on this store. at the live desk, keith rustle, news4. >>> hours in the hot seat as senators grilled chuck hagel in his bid to become the next defense secretary. the former senator from nebraska was questioned on several positions, including controversial topics. d
. there are reports of twisters there could be more to come they tell us. georgia, north and west of atlanta. that tornado overturned cars and tractor trailers. flattened houses and trees. no warning sirens or nothing. as we were running in, he jumps in and my son dives on me. and i get pulled out the side of the house. and i was hanging out and his legs from trapped. and he had ahold of me. if it wasn't for that i wouldn't be here but my son held on to me. >> shepard: if you know that area where the twister meets u.s. high 40. a large factory there demolished. rick reichmuth with more on the weather and where it is going. jonathan serrie live in aday or soville, -- adairsville. >> 60 miles to the northwest of atlanta. a major problem that they are dealing with is restoring electricity. it is still out, including in this area where i am. the only lights are those brought by all of the various tv crews and because of all the debris, it's taken a while for authorities to clear the roads so utility trucks can get into these areas. for several hours today, i-75, a major thoroughfare between atla
're followwng a developingg & ptory out of atlanta, eorgia, whhre pplice aae on the scenn of shooting at price middle school. police say 14- year-old studdet wws shoo in -3 the head..the victim was alert and breathing on the way to theehospital.a teacher also suffered minor cuts ann bruises but waa treated on the scene. policc dd have one person in custody.the shooting &phappeeee outside the -3 building... buu the sshhol - remains on ockdown whhle police investtiate. & 3 each... year.../ p it... seems like... many consumers... are buying the latest version... of the new mart phone,... computer .../ 3 even television...///. buu... what eleettonicss.. that you arrn't 3 coo--man ... tells us... and... it's... a 3 3 &3 dooyou kkow what to do with your old cell phone or laptop once you've bought a ew one? you are not alone. electtonicc recycling -3 regulationn are different from staae to state and 3- p3& news.anna kooiian, fox news. 3 3 earlii
cloud 60 miles northwest of. >>-- of atlanta. it ended up destroying several homes and businesses and cost around 18 wielders. look at that. >> we are waiting to learn if the weather led to problems with an airplane at reagan national. we are told the flight did land without incident wednesday night and that no passengers were on board, just crewmembers. nobody was injured. >> united been surprised by a certain buzzing of yourself on wednesday night. part of a wireless emergency alerts which was launched last june by the national weather service. the system sends a text message to people in areas where there are severe weather warnings. >> in the day ahead testimony resumes in the trial of a man accused of killing an arlington health club order. martin is charged with first- degree murder in the 2009 stabbing death of carl dino. he and his cousin went to arlington to rob someone to recoup the money they lost in a dice game. pleaded guilty last year and is waiting to be sentenced. >> there is a confirmation hearing scheduled for chuck hagel. tsa criticism from republicans than he i
the lounge in atlanta. a fight breaks out and when the dust settles, two men are stabbed to death left in the street. ray louis and two friends are charged with murder. what unfolded next is a mesmerizing saga. >> i haven't been back to this area since the incident happened. >> this is the first time reginald oakley has talked on camera. he has written a book which he is eager to sell. >> i think it was self defense. >> the victims started arguing with the group and baker broke a champagne bottle over his head. and then it was mayhem. >> so you didn't stab them? >> i didn't. >> how did he end up with stab wounds if you were fighting him. >> hey, you have to read the book to find out. >> and they piled into the limo and sped off. >> i was never clear about how they fight two guys and two end up dead. no one is ever convicted and how did they end up with stab wounds? is. >> you end up with stab wounds what does that mean? somebody stabbed you. right. >> so who could have stabbed you? >> you have to read the book and find out if i know it or not. >> you have to read the book and find out.
del paaÍ. oeste de atlanta, condiciÓnes e peligrosas, oeste de atlanta d pudieran estar desarrollandÁndo tornados, fuertes lluvias hasta pensylvania. en la gran manzana temperaturas agradables, pero van a tener que lidiar con lluvias a partir de esta noche. grandes lagos, nevadas fuertes, se esperan pulgadas sobre det i detroit. el sur del paÍs, bastante tra tranquilo,. texas avisos de i incenidos ddios de lammaleza. cjhihicago, nueva york, atlan t retrasos en los aeropuertos. maÑ maÑana nubosidad, mal tiempo se concesionarintra en el noroeste. el resto del paÍs condiciÓnes mÁs secas. en toda la costas oeste condi o condiciÓnes placenteras durante el dia, pero el termÓmetro baja por la noche. chicago 37 gran manzana 57 nada mal feurteuertes lluvias se esperan esta noche. chicago por la noche 9 grados. san francisco 42 es todo de mi parte desde los Ángeles, recuerd e que puede g seguirme en twitter guerjackie guerrido. continuamos con mÁs >>y ahora pasamos a deportes, continua el recuento regresivo, vamos con antonieta collins. >>que tal, buenas tardes, de
is outside atlanta tonight in adairsville, georgia, where one powerful tornado has already torn through town. >> reporter: an hour north of atlanta, an amazing picture. the sky was falling. >> we've got debris now flying to the left and center of this system. the sirens have been going off here. the wind is kicking up, along with the rain. again, a funnel crossing the interstate here in adairsville. >> reporter: witnesses here say the tornado was on the ground, churning through homes, office buildings and factories for more than 20 minutes. scientists think it was an ef-2 or greater, with wind speeds more than 125 miles an hour. >> please take safe shelter for us right now. get in that center portion of your home. a basement if you have it. >> reporter: in calhoun, georgia, homes were leveled. at this factory in adairsville, workers scrambled for cover. neighbors had to rescue families trapped inside their crumbled homes. one man was killed. >> there was no warnings, no sirens, no nothing. >> reporter: we talked with the family of the man who died. they were at home looking for a lost pet. j
in georgia about 60 miles northwest of atlanta. one man was killed when a tree crashed through his mobile home. the storm tossed trucks around the interstate like match sticks. >> i cracked the door and it didn't give me time. when it got inside it tossed me into the bedroom and i went in the bathroom. it seemed like it would never be over. >> the system spawned least seven tornadoes through the southeast yesterday. damage was reported from georgia to virginia. another man was killed in tennessee. meteorologist david bernard of our miami station wfor is following the severe weather system. >> it's been a rough 48 hours for the eastern two-thirds of the country. income, we can take a look at the map that shows ought of the storm reports since tuesday. those blue areas, over 500 reports of wind damage across the midwest and southeastern united states and within those we have a couple dozen reports of tornadoes where we had a damaging tornado particularly in northern georgia during the day on wednesday. but the good news is the bad weather has moved out and the cooler and dryer is moving in
day. that severe weather is moving up the east coast with powerful wind from atlanta to boston. we also have heavy rain in d.c., new jersey, and new york. more than a foot of lake-effect snow around western pennsylvania, upstate new york and michigan. rain and mountain snow in the northwest. 50s from seattle to portland. 15 below zero in fargo. single digits. indianapolis, omaha. 50s and falling in the northeast. >> very different day here than yesterday. for sure. >> yes. another from the, "we wouldn't show it to you if it didn't go in" file. talking basketball here. the high school variety. >> came right at the end of the first half on tuesday. a game between two team from rhode island, here we go. waiting for it. wait for it here. did we see it? yeah, that was senior ben gerard, merville high school, the captain, leading scorer, player of the game. see it again. there, missed it the first time. >> that may be luck. you don't practice that shot, right. that may not be skill. luck. >> everybody in their backyard hoop, school, practices the half court hoop. >> that wasn't like a. >
the potential flooding there, we have flooding in atlanta, western north carolina has already had 6 inches of rain. they're doing water rescues there. while it is snowing in chicago. so a sign of change, certainly, to make its way to the east. here comes this cold front, a long night for washington. again, this watch going out until 2:00 a.m. we'll still see storms there. here comes the cold front, finally clearing the east coast by about noontime tomorrow. so we're going to see temperatures drop off by about 30 degrees. so a snap back to reality, brian, with cold winds and temperature wind chills in the teens. >> all right, jim cantore, thank you for being with us. >>> think for a moment about the candle power and the political fire power the state of massachusetts used to have in the u.s. senate. for almost 25 years after all their two senators were ted kennedy and john kerry. ted kennedy died two-and-a-half years ago. today john kerry said farewell to his senate home of a quarter century as he now becomes secretary of state. and for a time today during his farewell, he found it too toug
shot to death. as police rushed toward his school bus in midland, atlanta, they found much worse. this bright yellow rolling sanctuary for a group of elementary school kids had become a horrific crime scene. the armed suspect police would learn had escaped with a 6-year-old boy in his hands, heading to an underground bunker on his property, holding the boy prisoner, eight feet below ground in an earthen cave stocked with supplies that could last weeks. the young witnesses telling authorities it was a raid on their school bus by a mean man determined to take a child hostage. >> he started telling him he needed a kid because of something about the law coming after him. >> reporter: police sources identify the suspect as 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes, a man who has been in trouble with the law before on charges he fired a gun at a neighbor. the boy is on medication and is said to have special needs. >> at this time, we have no reason to believe that the child has been harmed. >> reporter: police have been in contact with the gunman using a pvc pipe to communicate through. and late tod
to minus 8. even as far south as atlanta now, your going to be in the single digits here, going through the latter part of your workweek. as we take a look toward europe. we have a storm system pushing across the british isles. this is also bringing some heavy rainfall across portions of the low countries. some gusty winds. the good news into friday this tight gradient we have been seeing here, all these lines really close together. that low pressure off to the north is going to weaken, also the high pressure toward the south, gradients need to come less. that means the winds are finally going to start to back off. still seeing this rainfall with this system coming onshore now. even into the alps, heavy snowfall will be occurring into saturday and by sunday that will eventually work its way into italy here as it does drift down. and temperatures are going to cool off behind it. london and paris, 7 and 12. it does look like into paris, your overnight lows by saturday is going to get even below the freezing mark. not even getting up to the freezing mark though into moscow. minus 1 here fo
in the head outside the middle school in atlanta, georgia. a teacher was also wounded suffering cuts and bruises. according to authorities, the suspect has been taken into custody. the "new york times" says that its computer networks have been targeted by hackers and china beginning when it published a story about the committed wealth of the premier. the new u.n. report says that israeli settlements in the occupied territories of violate the rights of palestinians. they claim the settlements are systematically driving palestinians off of the land and subjected them to discrimination and intimidation. israel has responded by calling the report and the u.n. human rights council biased. the french defense minister says that three weeks of air strikes have left islamist rebels scattered and disarray. france's military operation to reclaim northern mali has been swift and successful, but the conflict is not over yet. people from the south are joining the battle and many are seeking revenge for atrocities committed during the straight islamist rule. >> ready to die for their country, these
of mystery around him and i think a lot of that goes to that murder scene in atlanta a few years ago. it's kind of eerie in that he's going out right now and then there's something else to deal with, but hey, this deer antler extract thing has ever -- >> reporter: have you ever heard of it? >> reporter: not until yesterday. >> reporter: i hadn't either. >> reporter: supposedly it  promotes healing. there's an entire underworld out there with people doing things we don't know that are illegal, but the one thing i would like to add is i don't think it's something that he actually tests for. so he hasn't failed a drug test for that per se, but it is on the banned substance list. there are things on that list they just don't test for like hgh. >> reporter: i want to get to the games real quick, the baltimore ravens have given up in their three playoff games almost 400 yards on average, but they're playing a very unique offense with the 49ers. does that kind of set up poorly for them? >> reporter: it's a headache for them because you've got to deal with a quarterback who is mobile, wh
northwest of atlanta a little earlier today. a 51-year-old man was killed when a tree fell on top of his home. a large manufacturing plant was also demolished. in tennessee another tornado killed at least one person and this is the same storm that's hitting us right now. >>> broke and bankrupt, a doctor targeted by the d.c. health department for prescribing painkillers tells wusa 9 tonight that he is shutting down and going out of business. the city pulled his license to write prescriptions back in april. in the months since then he says half a dozen patients of his have died, at least three from suicide. gary nurenberg is here. this sounds like a lot more at stake than a license. >> reporter: this is not a fight of a pill pusher. it is a profound disagreement about how to treat those who suffer from pain. the doctor believes the very existence of pain causes brain damage that cannot be prepared, and to prevent that brain damage he prescribes more pain medication than doctors who have a different approach. d.c.'s health department wants to shut him down. tonight it appears the city is ge
of atlanta.. it fillld 33 entire manufacturing plant. -3 workers ran for safety as the & heavy steel ggrdees came own arounddthem. 3 aad ww ere unner a tornndoo watch here in baltimore - toniggh. as heehigh winns arrived, so did he eavyy rains. it fell in sheett as you can see in this viewer video from fallston. ii as theessme from fallston. it was he same cene around the 3 to keep up with this powwrful p what's innstore for theerestt of the night? 3&pchief meteorologist vvyas reid is racking thh stooms. storms. 3 lee's go to hhm for a look at 3 3&pit's a toryywee irst broke on fox baltimore dot com.a ppincipal at a high school in southwest bbltimore ... ressgns... amid allegations... he had... inappropriatt communication pith student. 3& munt saint josspp igh sccool annnunced barryyfitzpattickks - pesignation erlier today after reeently finding that 3 witt the student were inapprooriate....//everal &padminiitrrtor nd frrend...and ask that people waittfor aal the factt tocome outtthe vice principal wwll seeve as acting - p
of ray lewis almost ended outside a lounge in atlanta. just hours after the 2000 super bowl. a fight breaks out, jason baker and richard lawler are stabbed. ray lewis and two friends are charged with murder. what happened next is a mesmerizing saga, and the truth is as elusive as ever. >> i have not been back since. >> reporter: this is the first time that reggie oakly talked about it since that night. he wrote a book, he was eager to sell it. >> it was self defense. >> reporter: oakley says they were leaving the club and there was a fight. there was a champagne bottle broken over oakley's head. >> i had no idea anybody got stabbed. >> so you didn't stab him? >> i didn't stab him. >> so how did he end up with the stab wounds? >> you have to read the book to find out. >> reporter: after the fight, lewis and his friends sped off in this limo. i was never clear how two end up in the fight with the other guys and two end up dead, right? nobody is ever convicted. and how they ended up with stab wounds? >> if you end up with stab wounds, what does that mean? somebody stabbed you. >> report
of atlanta. a 14-year-old student is shot at price middle school on the south side of the city. the child is breathing and treated at a local hospital. a teacher is injured, possibly trampled in the confusion. police have a suspect in custody. clearly many unanswered questions in the early investigation but a recent in a rash of school shootings that are all putting pressure on congress to act. and a new tactic adding to that pressure, economic shaming. former investment banker and current chicago mayor emanuel is leading advocates to pressure banks to divest from gun manufacturers, persuaded a $5 million pension fund in chicago to divest and now california's fund for teachers frozen or divested investments in gun makers. philadelphia mayor nutter compares the strategy to the one used to pressure company that is did business with the apartheid government of south africa. our next guest shining a light on the dirty dozen, 12 big corporate investors that back the gun industry. please welcome current public advocate for city of new york, bill deblazio. how are you? >> great. thank you. >> ec
. for you who are out on the front lines, doesn't that frustrate you? >> absolutely. i heard about atlanta. >> jennifer: a middle school in atlanta, another shooting today. >> and a young woman who was in president obama's inauguration was shot. >> jennifer: yes. >> we got to stop it. we have to stop it. it is frustrating, and i've been talking--i'm hoping that urban and suburban i hope we can get past the rhetoric and get to doing something about gun violence in this toronto. >> jennifer: after yesterday's town hall you said there is a political window, and now is the time to change gun laws. do you think that can actually happen when one side has always been so successful, and frankly so stubborn? >> i think it can happen. i do i do. it's not going to be easy. you always hope that minds will prevail. i don't think anybody wants anybody to die. when i've been in the room, if i cannous this phrase, on the other side, i've been able to get them to focus on what we're here for. that is to save young people's lives. whether it be sandy hook, chicago, san francisco or oakland, i think that com
is in the super bowl is the ravens who beat atlanta. and the 49ers. i used to be a 49ers fan when joe montana was there. i have to support the ravens because they are our sister city. atlanta -- >> what about the people from baltimore who don't want any bandwagon hoppers? >> i'm not bandwagon hopper i'm just being practical. i'm a supporter, when they win, lose, i don't care about that. i have a responsibility to bring them together. i predict the rave lens beat the 49ers. >> you heard it here first from marion barry. you think it is going to be a stormy monday for the 49ers. >> can i sing? ♪ stormy monday ♪ tuesday is just as bad ♪ oh they call this stormy monday ♪ ♪ and tuesday is just so bad ♪ then come friday ♪ and things are so so sad >> that's going to be for the 49ers on monday. councilman barry, thanks for tackling a lot of topics with us. >> i have been in the business 31 years and very familiar with the budget. i'm a budget expert. 16 years of mayor. finance expert. and so -- a lot of people think i'm whistling in the dark. >> we heard you loud and clear. >> i guarante
of the hardest-hit spots was adairsville, georgia, 60 miles north of atlanta. one person there died as did a man in pntennessee. let's get right to miguel marquez. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning there, soledad. the person who died here in adairsville died fairly close to where we were standing right now. he was in a manufactured home and a tree killed him. this storm packed a thousand-mile punch. >> we could see circulation in the clouds. >> reporter: a reporter from atlanta affiliate wsb caught one twister as it touched down. >> slashing toward i-75. again, a tornado -- >> reporter: in its path, utter destruction. >> this is main street in adairsville, georgia. this is exactly where that tornado hit. you can see devastation on that side of the street, the trucks completely destroyed here. and on this side was a normal day of work here at the plant where they make parts for tractors. complete devastation. 50 to 100 people working here today, all of them fine. across this entire area, trucks, everythin everything, shredded. at the plant justin carnes and his fellow employees took
. martha: oh, boy. what a scary story from that poor woman. reporter paul milican from waga in atlanta has more from gordon county, georgia. >> we are in is a nor have -- sonoraville, georgia which got hit hard behind me. tough to imagine what this used to be. this was a towing company and this was the sign for it right here, after for theable towing. the owners are here and as you can imagine they're in shock. this is one of the most incredible things i have ever seen. this used to be carpet. you see it over there, it was completely shredded by the tornado. there are also of course pieces of cars, there are pieces of houses. looked like this right here was a christmas ornament which is sitting on the grass. who knows where that came from. we talked to the owners who are here right now. this is their first time looking at the devastation. they say as you can imagine, they're in shock. martha: thanks to paul from waga in atlanta. bill: what a remarkable to think it is january and we're talking about tornados. martha: so true. bill: new signs of volatility in the american job market. these a
at a middle school in atlanta. that's straight ahead here in "the situation room." >>> the senate has just followed the house of representatives in the past legislation extending the nation's debt ceiling, this time at least until may 19th. but for practical purposes, probably a few months longer than that. the vote in the senate, 64-34. the bill passed the house next week and will sign it into law. there will be an increase in the nation's debt limit, at least for the next few months. they will battle over this later down the road. other news we're following, three stories involving high-profile shootings at a time when the nation is struggling with the issue of guns. lisa sylvester is monitoring that. some of the other top stories in "the situation room." lisa, what's the latest? >> at least one person has been shot at a middle school in atlanta. the victim was conscious and breathing when taken to a local hospital. the suspected gunman is believed to be a student and is in custody. >>> police outside of dallas are investigating the shooting of a prosecutor. district attorney mark haas w
school in atlanta. our affiliate has a chopper at the scene. we are seeing limited activity at this hour. we are told police have a suspect in custody. trace is gathering with more information at the news desk. >> a couple things we are getting reports of possibly two schools -- backtrack. there are two schools being named we are not clear which school could be involved carver high school and press middle school are in the reports. police are thinking it is at price middle schools. might be both schools are close together and they may have them both on lock down. we understand one student has been shot one student has been taken into custody and that a teacher has been injured but the teacher was not shot. you can see from our fox affiliate there waga this live look now there is heavy police presence. this is videotape from moments ago when the alleged suspect was taken into custody. it is unclear if the suspect was a student and if it happened in the classroom in the school or outside of the school grounds. we do know that one student was shot. ambulances are arriving on the scene as we
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